2016.01.16 - 03.16

We are autonomous, liquid and multiple. We are your sisters and brothers. We come from future to form a community of celibates with you. As seeds of knowledge of new intimacy, we shall help you shed the shackles of gender and social identity.
We love no one. Instead, we love the world and all that we share with all.

2015.11.18 - 2016.01.10

Different eras and different individuals are faced with different past that they define by themselves. The legacies and contexts from the past, intricate and vague as they are, are more and more acknowledged and valued by artists today. What’s presented here in the exhibition is......

2015.11.19 - 11.22

On the occasion of ART021 2015 from November 19 - 22, Shanghai Gallery of Art will present new and recent works of Feng Lianghong, Feng Yan, Feng Mengbo, Lai Jin'na, Wu Di, Wu Shanzhuan + Inga Svala Thorsdottir, Zheng Lu, Zhuang Hui + Dan Er.

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