2015.04.24 - 06.18

In artist’s first solo exhibition, she intentionally erases the presence of human from the scene, and intends to present the independent being of objects by detaching them from the original narrative logic to the maximum degree...

2015.04.24 - 06.18

As the first solo exhibition by artist in Shanghai, Being more than a presentation of Lai Jinna’s recent works which have shown some different tendencies from her previous practice..

2015.03.15 - 03.17

On the occasion of Art Basel Hong Kong 2015 from March 15 - 17, Shanghai Gallery of Art will present new and recent works of Cui Xiuwen, Gao Weigang, Lu Song, MAP Office, Qian Jiahua, Takashi Kuribayashi, Wu Di, Yang Yongliang, Zheng Lu...

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