2016.04.16 - 05.12

It is thanks to the unique sense of anachronism embedded in his practice that Zhou Yunxia’s works produced during the past thirty years could present a relatively complete picture of the evolution of art history along the way. But if we go one step further...

2016.04.02 - 04.10

By transforming the gallery space into the artist’s studio and inviting the artist himself to do a residency on-site, we want to build a bridge to facilitate audience to have more insight into the artist and his work...

2016.01.16 - 03.16

We are autonomous, liquid and multiple. We are your sisters and brothers. We come from future to form a community of celibates with you. As seeds of knowledge of new intimacy, we shall help you shed the shackles of gender and social identity.
We love no one. Instead, we love the world and all that we share with all.

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