2016.09.09 - 10.31

The meaning of the objects and scenes featured in Feng Yan’s photography is not confined to the distance and focal point he sets. His works appear “candid” and “straightforward” on the surface, but underneath it there lies an invisible sense of “profundity” as the artist attempts to present “visibility” from a more macroscopic perspective.

2016.09.01 - 09.04

On the occasion of CIGE 2016 from September 1 - 4, Shanghai Gallery of Art will present new and recent works of Dan Er, Du Yingnan, Feng Lianghong, Gao Weigang, Jin Jiangbo, Pang Hailong, Lai Jin'na, Qiu Jie, wu Di, Zhou Yunxia.

2016.07.16 - 08.28

Visual art corresponds to the images in our mind. Works produced during different time periods all touch upon the forms, patterns and images that are embedded in people’s imagination.

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