2017.03.03 - 03.25

The women of China are often pictured in the West with an outdated, stereotypical image of submissive and subjugated ladies, quietly waiting at the beck and call of men.

2017.01.10 - 02.09

The King and I is a journey across space and time. It is about a far away Palace and its imaginary stories, transposed like a labirynth or a dream to Shanghai. Its common treads are mysteries and fairy tales, told by 9 contemporary artists who were inspired by, and used one material only, Alcantara®.

2016.11.12 - 2017.01.01

The sea is a bequeathed existence from the heaven, bestowed with its own legends and civilization. While the seas segregate the continents where we inhabit and seek survival, they are also the means that keep us connected.

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