2016.01.23 - 03.16


Chen Xi,  Chen Tianzhuo,  Feng Bingyi,  Gao Jie,  Geng Yini,  He An,  Hu Renyi,  Lou Shenyi,  Liu Yujia,  Liu Chuang,  Miao Ying, Qianfan+St.JIu,  Qin Qi,  Song Bin,  Tang Dixin,  Wu Di,  Ye Funa+Beio,  Yang Jian,  Zhang Jiebai


Chao Jiaxing

We are autonomous, liquid and multiple. We are your sisters and brothers. We come from future to form a community of celibates with you. As seeds of knowledge of new intimacy, we shall help you shed the shackles of gender and social identity. 

We love no one. Instead, we love the world and all that we share with all. 

Let’s leave the islands of our selves, betray families and countries of origins. This exodus is our real violence against the oppressing systems. 

Twenty one artists are going to experiment the new territory of new formats of sex, body and love in divers subjects, materials and media in a mood of celebrations and festivity.