2018.02.02 - 03.31


Du Yingnan, Fan Xi, Feng Mengbo, Feng Yan, Gao Weigang, Huang Lei, Jiang Pengyi, Jiang Zhi, Ji Lei, Lai Jin’na, Lin Tianmiao, Liu Jianhua, Liu Yujia, Ni Jun, Yang Mian, Yao Peng, You Si, Zheng Lu, Zhou Yunxia




When people analyze visual art, they often use terminologies such as color vibration, line rhythm, or the cadence between point and color blocks and etc. On the contrary, music is a non-visual artistic medium, yet is often described with vocabularies such as color, space, texture, layers and etc. On a fundamental level, the affect and response sensory production engenders embody qualities of “meta-effect” and “meta-emotions”. Joy and anger, happiness and sorrow, can all be traced back to an origin in the human psyche. Likewise, illumination and darkness, tranquility and thunder are all drawn from the simplest and most innate sensibilities, to which we have assigned meaning as we gained experiences through our cognition. With the assistance of mathematics, music had established a system of precision, whereas art cannot be measured quantitatively. Visual artists are inclined to command the richness of the material world, whose creativity and adoption of visual forms are infinitely diverse. The works of art conjured here attempt to present a simple simulation, by which to emanate to the viewer into exquisite, or compelling world of emotions through simplicity of visual systems.  


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