2018.6.2 - 2018.7.15


Xue Song


As summer of the Chinese Lunar Wuxu Year comes, we are very honored to announce that a solo exhibition of works by Xuesong – Xuesong• Wander in Nature– will be opened on June 2. The exhibition is co-organized by the Shanghai Gallery of Art and the Beijing Center for the Arts. At the invitation of Weng Ling, founder of the Shanghai Gallery of Art, Jennifer Lu, director of the Shanshui Conservation Center, Thomas Shao, chairman of Modern Media Group, and Wan Jie, chairman of Artron Art Group, several of Xuesong’s painting series featuring the artist’s ink and wash painting on fabric over the past three years will be presented at the exhibition, showcasing the thread of art emanating spontaneously from Xuesong’s works.


With the exhibition, the artist is set to make another important appearance in Shanghai after holding a large-scale solo show at the Shanghai Minsheng Art Museum in 2013. Over the past few years, Xuesong has tried to use the Chinese traditional ink and wash as a medium and create brand-new contemporary painting on linen. The new works not only follow the artist’s previous fabric oil painting techniques that make people feel assured and carefree, but from a different point of view present his tranquil mood developed through a devotion to nature over recent years and his maturity and refinement entirely rising above the established ideas in the history of art.


Since holding his first major solo exhibition at the National Art Museum of China in 2010 and having a solo exhibition of specially commissioned works at the Palace Museum in 2016, Xuesong has shown a distinctive oriental temperament through his romantic, impressionistic painting style and uniquely created medium for paintings. In this way he has also gradually developed an artistic style featuring naturalism that’s unique in the contemporary painting circles, linking tradition and today. It is expected that this summer’s exhibition could perfectly show Xuesong’s new works to viewers in Shanghai and pass along the artist’s distinctive idea of art and nature to more people.