2017.11.01 - 2018.01.25


Chen Danqing, Ma Kelu, Feng Lianghong


“Why New York” marks the fourth exhibition of the artists trio, Chen Danqing, Ma Kelu and Feng Lianghong. Being the forerunners at the various stages in the progress of Chinese contemporary art, these artists first met in New York in the 1990s. In that culturally rich yet unrelenting environment of Manhattan and Brooklyn, they single-handedly launched their artistic practice, provided camaraderie to each other and exchanged ideas about art. In the new millennium, they’ve returned to China respectively. Bearing in mind their artistic ideals, their friendship and experiences of New York reunite them to hold frequent exhibitions together. With this collaboration built on friendship, they continue to discover and develop one’s own potential through the mirror of the others, as they persevere and temper in reaching their ideals in art.


Unlike the previous retrospective exhibitions, the artists present their most recent works. Chen Danqing’s study on Picasso and other Western artists along with Chinese landscape painting and calligraphy is revealed in his conceptual painting “Catalogue”, a work that addresses the complex notions of drawing, translation, compositional lexicon and pictorial transformation. Ma Kelu’s “Ada” series embodies a principle of the “unconscious”, whose cursive and hyper expressive techniques adroitly integrates with the emotional elements of the painting to render “true nature”. Feng Lianghong’s works encompass the various aspects of his exploration about painting since 2012, to render a sense of spatial texture through the layering of monochromatic schemes and realms.


In the curatorial text written for this exhibition, Chen Danqing stated the marks New York has left in their respective practice even after a decade since their return to China. All three artists are natives of Shanghai, and upon their return to the motherland, it is the first time they are gathering here again, and with this exhibition, not only to capture the glories of their time, but also to exemplify their energetic attitude in going forward