2017.06.28 - 10.27


Chen Yufan, Stefano Curto, Gade, He Chi, Ni Youyu, Lin Kunhao, Pang Hailong, Xu Bing, Yu Bogong, Zhang Huan, Zheng Guogu, Zheng Lu


The development of Chinese contemporary has had over three decades of history. It has gradually transitioned from importing and appropriating western modernity in its early period to focusing on the individual’s identity and status of existence, while recently it’s inclined to discovering artistic expressions from a general perspective of history and traditions suitable to the contemporary discourse. Through the enquiry and exploration of one’s own history and traditions, contemporary Chinese artists have created numerous work of art on the subject of religion or ones with elements of ethnic and religious beliefs. Grounded on the openness of contemporary art, the artists have expanded and activated the essential values of human civilization. This genre of works is general inspired by the artist’s personal experience and perception, and understood as expressions inspired by feelings, that carry the emotions and hopes in the artist’s compassion for mankind, while resonating and reconnecting with the commonly shared values and belief systems of humanity. 


Belief is a spiritual necessity of humanity, a way by which humans self-sublimate, Maitreya Karuna (compassion) marks the beginning of enlightenment, whereas Prajna (wisdom) leads the path in attaining it. Combining compassion and wisdom is thus synonymous with the integration of emotions, reason in arts and cultural productions. Address this subject from a visual art perspective may especially provide us with a refreshing experience and broadening inspirations.


This exhibition invites 15 artists actively engaged in the field of contemporary art, in presenting their compassionate and wise art practices through the mediums of installation, photography, calligraphy, painting, video art, sculpture, and VR technology and etc., we hope to provide an opportunity for a face-to-face dialogue with the public who are concerned with the heritage of civilization and the future of humanity. The works of these artists will reveal their notions of love and peace, concerns of living space and the environment, thoughts on transcending the limitation of life, spiritual exchange and enlightenment, and visions for future prospects. By presenting experiences on spiritualism and enlightenment across a spectrum of locations and temporalities, the exhibition welcomes the viewers to explore one’s own.