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SGA artist: Ni Jun at Harvard China Forum

Ni Jun, one of the most important artists in China today, represented by Shanghai Gallery of Art, will give a speech on art, AI time we live in and the entanglement of human cultures at Harvard China Forum

Ni Jun was born in Tianjin, China in 1963. He received his MFA from Rutgers University, in the early 1990s following his years of study in China. After teaching and pursuing his own artistic ambitions in New York and California for 20 years, he now lives and works in Beijing and Tianjin. Ni’s works has been featured in major international exhibitions, such as  A Ni Jun Exhibition: The Deep Blue Sea at Shanghai Gallery of Art in 2016.


April 22 (Saturday) 5:00 pm – 6:30 pm
Panel: Arts | Contemporary Arts with Chinese Characteristics
Harvard Business School Spangler Auditorium
(Panel Language: Bilingual)

Exhibition Publication: "COLLAGE: The Cards Players"

COLLAGE: The Cards Players is an exhibition at artists and researchers service. Based on
in-depth research, the author traces the history of collage with real life examples to explore the meaning of this technique and art language in this contemporary world.The catalog accompanying this exhibition surely goes beyond mere documentation to be credited as a book of in-depth research and literature value. This richly illustrated publication also includes many exclusive interviews with the leading contemporary artists

Produced by: Shanghai Gallery of Art

Texts by: Penny Xu (Dan), Ni Youyu, Zhang Li

Printing: Shanghai Artton Colour Printing Co., LTD

Available to purchase at: Store