Ni Jun


1963   Born in Tianjin, China

1976   Studied at Tianjin No. 37 High School, Tianjin, China

1979   Studied at the High School of Central Academy of Fine Arts,

Beijing, China

1983   Became an art editor & photographer at China Fishery magazine,

Beijing, China

1985   Studied at Central Academy of Arts & Design majoring in Mural Art, Beijing, China

1989   Studied at Mason Gross School of the Arts (MFA program),

Rutgers University, New Jersey, USA

1991   Settled down as a full-time artist in East Village,

New York City, USA

1993   Taught art at Skidmore College, Union County College, Drew

University, Parsons School of Design among others; participated in

the founding of OIPCA (Organization for the International

Promotion ofChinese Artists) in SoHo, New York and worked as an

announcer at ESPN

2001   Moved back to Beijing and worked as a full-time artist;

hosted the show PEOPLE at CCTV-10

2010   Lived and worked as a full-time artist in South Pasadena,

California, USA

2013   Moved back to Beijing


Major one-man Exhibitions

2016   “The Deep Blue Sea: A Ni JunExhibition”, Shanghai Gallery of Art,

Shanghai, China

2015   “Ni Jun: Brotherhood”, Star Gallery, Beijing, China

2011   “Ni Jun: Painting, Drawing, Photography and Film”,

Permanence Gallery + Shuimu Contemporary Art Space + IA-32 Cantonbon Space, Beijing, China

2008   “Ni Jun: La Dolce Vita”, C5 Art Center, Beijing, China

2005   “Ni Jun”, Art 110 Gallery, Beijing, China

1991   “Ni: More Historical than Political”, MGSA Gallery,

Rutgers University, New Jersey, USA


Selected Group Exhibitions

2016   “The Lost Diary of Beijing”, Star Gallery, Beijing, China

   “A Yu Ying Group Show: Fotiaoqiang”, Ying Space, Beijing, China

   “Yuyuantan: Fan Jiupeng, Ni Jun and Qi Xing”, AAW Gallery,

798, Beijing, China

“Serenite: Yin Qi, FengLianghong, Li Yi, Ni Jun and Yuan Jia”,

Permanence Gallery, 798, Beijing, China

2014   “Size: Recent Paintings by Ma Shuqing and Ni Jun”, C5 Art Center, Beijing, China

2013   “Being Entangled with Paper”, Star Gallery,

Beijing + Halcyon Gallery, Shanghai, China

2012   “Zhang Ding and His Students”, National Opera House,

Beijing, China

2011   “In Between: Paintings by Ni Jun and Buddhist Master Chun Kong”,

 Bridge Gallery, 798, Beijing, China

2010   “Spring Equinox”, Yuan Art Museum, Beijing, China

2009   “Carrying Tigers over Mountains”, Permanennce Gallery,

798, Beijing, China

2008   “Cross Transition”, Shuimu Contemporary Art Space, 798,

Beijing, China

2007   “Carrying Tigers over Mountains”, Permanence Gallery, 798,

Beijing, China

1994 “Transformation: Chen Danqing, Liu Xiaodong, Ni Jun and Yu

Hong“ (Curated by Mark Tansey), Mark Tansey studio on Warren

Street, New York, USA

1993   “Red Star over China”, Keen Gallery, New York, USA

1991   “Young Artists”, Yale University Gallery, New Haven, USA

1989   Four Young Artists, National Museum of Art, Beijing, China

  “China Avant-Garde Art”, National Museum of Art, Beijing, China