Established in 2004 at Three on the Bund, Shanghai Gallery of Art (SGA) is one of China's most distinguished galleries. Known for its quality programming and curatorial acumen, SGA is primarily focused on Asian Contemporary Art. Located at the Bund, Shanghai’s most prominent historic district, the gallery’s distinctive activities showcase a range of discourses relevant to contemporary art and cultural practice through its exhibitions, artists’ projects and interdisciplinary programs.

What We've Achieved

Through the gallery’s longstanding reputation, ties with major museums, art foundations, curators and critics, SGA exposes its represented artists to broader audiences, thus fostering a greater understanding of their artistic strategies and the context in which their ideas arise. For collectors and institutions, Shanghai Gallery of Art is an important resource for both consultancy and acquisitions. The gallery offers long term strategic planning for private collectors and institutions on both established and emerging artists.

Whether it is identifying new dynamics between art and the public realm, maintaining novel strategies based on contemporary art production and dissemination, or exploring uncharted framework and territory by engaging with artists, SGA is a vital part of Shanghai’s cultural community and a catalyst for new experiences.