Solo Exhibitions

2016   “In Between the Times”, Shanghai Gallery of Art, Shanghai, China

2009   “Zhou Yunxia Oil paintings”, Ghent, Belgium

2007   “Anesthesia”, Art Archives Warehouse, Beijing, China

2000   “The Sole Exhibition of the Plain Life”, Nanjing, China

1991   “The Sole Show of a Wanderer”, Beijing, China


Group Exhibitions

2016“Art Central 2016”, SCHUEBBE Gallery, Hong Kong, China 

2014  “Transmedia Art & Fashion Art Exhibition”, Shanghai, China

          “Life Road”, Beijing, China

2013“Singapore Art Fair”, Purpleroof Gallery, Singpore

2012“Shanghai International Contemporary Art Exhibition”,

         SCHUEBB Gallery, Dusseldorf, Germany/Purpleroof Gallery,

         Shanghai, China

2011  “Art Stage Singapore”, Singapore

         “SH Contemporary”, Shanghai, China

         “Art Beijing”, Beijing, China

2010 “Art Beijing”, Purpleroof Gallery, Beijing, China

         “First Period Contemporary Painting Exhibition of PuDong

         International Airport”, Shanghai, China

         “Shanghai Art Exposition International Contemporary Art Exhibition”, Shanghai, China

         “Leave and Come”, Zhengda Museum of Modern Art, Shanghai, China

         “CLRCA Puerto Rico 2010”, Puerto Rico

2009 “CLRCA Puerto Rico 2009”, Puerto Rico

         “Schuebbe Projects Group Show”, Germany

2008 “Promised land” WAREHOUSE”, Rome, Italy

         “Art Miami”, Miami, USA

         “Shanghai Art Fair 2008”, Shanghai, China

         “SH Contemporary 2008〔Mahjong sculptures〕”, Shanghai, China

         “CIGE Beijing 2008”, Beijing, China

         “CIRCA Puerto Rico 2008”, Puerto Rico

         “Art Moscow”, Moscow, Russia

         “MAC mexico”, Mexico

2007 “Shanghai Art Fair”, Shanghai, China

         “Art Miami”, Miami, USA

         “Fractal image art Nan jing”, Nanjing, China

2006    The behaviour picture “With My Style” collected by Macao Museum of Art

2005    “Revral”, Shanghai, China

2002    “Basking in the Sunshine”, Outside-door Art Party, Nanjing, China

2000    “Portrait、character、a pair and a suite”, Shanghai, China

1999    “The Exhibition of the Collection of Chinese Modern Art Foundation”, Belgium

1993    “Chinese Avant-garde Art Exhibition”, Berlin, Germany

1992    “Guangzhou Biennial Art Exhibition”, Guangzhou, China

1989    “The show of Nanjing Five Freelance Artists”, Nanjing, China

1986    “Basking in the Sunshine Outside-door Art Actvity”, Nanjing, China

1985    “Jiangsu Youth Art Week”, Nanjing, China